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 I am the watcher of my own self - I sit and observe in silence - I hear the criticisms and judgements of my mind and only observe - they are automatic - my control comes in on whether I choose to own them - or let them pass.

Minded Me

My thoughts come in like the beating wings of a fly and pester me the same - I can let them go by - It is only thought - thinking has no reality unless I act upon the flies in my head or I can choose to shoo them away.  I am the master over my thinking.

existential experience
Just breathe


Tree of Life  
Free at last

Transformation - I rise and am reborn into a new perspective 

The light of the Buddha
Angels watching over me
Angels watching over me
abstract acrylic and wax
Landscape wax and acrylic
We are one - wedding picture

The Power of "US"

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