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Therapy Services



Creative Expression




Theater/Cinema Immersion room for meditation and relaxation


Therapy should be an "experience."  In this intimate setting my client can to explore the greatest asset they are born with - their inner all-knowing voice. Inside of each of us are ALL the answers to our own lives and deep down we can all connect to them with the right training. 


For those that would like to participate in a creative way - No need to know how to paint or draw - everything is abstract expression.  


Through art we work on personal development and greater understanding of why we are the way we are and we learn how to connect on a deeper level to ourselves and develop our intuitive side to help guide us as we walk the path of life.  The goal is to accept our selves and learn to grow from there.


For those that would like a more traditional track - Traditional research based therapies are used: CBT, DBT, EMDR  along with motivational interviewing.  These modalities are also given with the add on of creative personal exploration when deemed appropriate.  

Clients are encouraged to set personal goals on a weekly basis and a weekly focus is given at each session.  "Personal growth is like climbing a ladder - we build one rung at a time and climb together to reach the top."


Life management tools are also taught.  We can overcome our own struggles when we have the right tools to carry on and then we can learn to thrive and master our world.


Whether there is depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsiveness, stress, trauma, overcoming life altering changes such as loss of (a loved one, divorce, sickness), PTSD, family therapy, personality disorder, life maintenance or just self exploration - this practice is a place to learn and grow.  Creative art is used as a tool to observe what is happening within and then used to alter how we see things looking out.  

From grandparents to children as young as 16 - this program has already worked for many. 

This is a very unique program not to be confused with Art Therapy - I use CBT, DBT coping skills training, insight therapy, motivational interviewing, exposure therapy techniques and other research based tools based on each person's specific needs.


An intake session is conducted at the initial meeting. Each session is approx. 60 minutes.  For those that decide to take the creative path - materials are provided and mixed media techniques are taught.  Canvases over 24" x 24" are not included.

All artwork belongs to the client.  A small monthly art fee of $35.- does apply for those that take the creative route.  For those who do other techniques that do not include art - there is no extra charge - just your co-pay.







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