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Lori Gordon-Michaeli LCSW


A bit about my background: I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Oakland University and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychiatric Social Work from the University of Michigan - Go Blue!  


​I served as an inpatient clinician at Henry Ford Kingswood psychiatric hospital and helped with crisis management, program development and case management.  I ran therapy - individual and group on adult and children's crisis units specialized to accommodate people that needed more intensive therapy due to their acute state upon arrival to the hospital.  I have also served as Clinical Director of a Psychiatric Clinic for 2 1/2 years before deciding to create my own vision of a place where people can come to grow and learn how to master their lives.


I have a plethora of tools in my toolbox and a wealth of knowledge from personal life experience which involved traveling our world and meeting with different cultures and religions as well as working with special groups of people which include heads of state, prime ministers and other dignitaries, survivors of war and the homeless.  


I was born in Detroit and have returned home to further my special program.  


"My personal experience has taught me that there is no one written direction that can be learned to find our way in the dark - there are many paths to the same source.  The tools I have created work like a flashlight that shines light on the path.  It is up to each individual to walk their path alone - my job is to teach my clients how to create their own flashlight which will keep them from loosing their way - even in the dark."


I am 62 years old and in addition to my eclectic world view from travel I have studied world religions and world culture, and Zen and consider myself to be knowledgable on many different cultures both from Europe and the Middle East region as well as different cultural perspectives in mental health.  I honor all viewpoints and welcome differences.  I believe in life coaching as integrative and part and parcel to moving forward along with therapeutic modalities.  I also use art sometimes as as an add on modality for self inquiry and self exploration (something I have developed over many years of my own journey) and I hope to soon publish my own books on this subject.

My knowledge base includes DBT, CBT, EFT, Exposure Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, TFT, Motivational Interviewing, Insight therapy and in working with holocaust survivors and the elderly - Legacy Therapy.  I am an EMDRIA trained therapist in EMDR therapy and have already helped many with this amazing tool.  


​My particular program is unique and my goal is to continue to touch

lives and help people to be the best they can be every day using a positive non-judgmental approach.


"In order to live in harmony within your house - you must


First find your key and unlock the door...

Now that you have opened the door - enter, explore,

and begin to clean out the house...


Once you have cleaned out the house - you can begin to

organize and set up the house...


Now that you have set up the house - you can move back into the house

and begin to live in your house...

...You ARE the house ...and now you are HOME."     


Lori Gordon-Michaeli

We all live in different stages within our house...

The work during our encounter is to move forward.

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