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Office policy/procedure during COVID-19 Health Crisis:


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic patients will remain online for telemedicine sessions only.  This practice will be open part-time in order to properly facilitate EMDR sessions (appointments limited).  This will only take place in the "outdoors" area.  The building will remain closed to the public.  


Patient area will undergo sanitization and cleaning between sessions.

Therapist reserves the right to cancel/reschedule due to inclement weather which might effect safety factors I.e. wind or rain.


Tele-therapy will be the main mode of meeting until the pandemic is concluded.


This service is optional and up to therapist’s discretion - in house is not required and frankly most therapists are not seeing anyone face to face at this time.  Therapist has the right to refuse face to face interaction if she feels it is an unnecessary risk for any reason, at her discretion.


Before your face to face appointment:


A short questionnaire will be sent to you the day prior to your appointment.  If you answer YES to any of the questions - please contact your therapist to discuss further.  If you have answered NO to all of the questions you can proceed with your face to face appointment.  Please be aware - you will be required to wear a mask for the entirety of your appointment - there is NO exception to this rule.  You do have the right to choose not to come for face to face if you are not comfortable with this rule.

How are we ensuring maximum safety during this time:


Please arrive around 5 minutes before your appointment, remain in your car, text therapist that you have arrived.  Wait for instructions.  Once you are messaged from therapist you may exit your car stop at table and sanitize your hands as well as pick up a mask if you did not bring one with you.

You may then proceed - walk through open breezeway to back of building to enter outdoor room for therapy session.  


(If you receive a face shield you will be responsible to maintain the integrity of the face shield for future appointments)


A 16’ x 12’ hardtop pergola has been erected for face to face meetings with a 12 foot distance between client and therapist.  Plexiglass barrier will be sitting between therapist and client.  


Patients will sit in a sterilized designated chair.  A table will be set up for tissues, personal items.


All furniture, tables, chairs, EMDR buzzers and plexiglass, will be sanitized in between clients and in addition a clean sheet will be placed on top of the furniture that will be removed and replaced for each session.  Hand sanitizer on site in both bathroom and patient seating area.


There is no access at this juncture to the therapy house due to the pandemic.  


A bathroom is provided for emergency use only.  Please try to go before you come.  Bathroom toilet, area, and table are sanitized after every use and will be taped with sanitary band so that patient knows it was sanitized before their use.  


At the end of your session you will exit the therapy area, again, through the breezeway, and back to your car.

If you have any questions please contact me:

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