Journey Within LLC


Lori Gordon-Michaeli LCSW 

     Using research based therapies with creative expression

                  Accepting:  BCBS; Blue Care Network, McLaren, AETNA and Medicare               

    EMDR (Emdria trained) - DBT - ART - CBT - TFT - TAPPING        


Therapy house and river


Therapy main room in the Cabin







Journey Within is a unique therapy practice on 4 acres with a rolling river and walkable woods.  Sitting in nature is calming and with a soothing river bubbling in the backdrop

is the perfect setting for a conversation.   A strengths-based patient centered approach is paired with an interactive twist which might include any of the following: walks in nature, interactive problem solving, reading and focused work in between sessions.  An ART tract is optional with art room indoors and out in nature. Therapy should be an "experience" through which we learn who we are coming to a peace place and grow (not just have a conversation).  In my practice - the patient is the captain of our ship - we go in what ever direction they decide - my job is to guide that ship and give the tools for smooth sailing.  I'm the first mate so to speak.  Therapy

modalities vary depending on the person - not everything works for everybody.


EMDR is used to help remove subconscious blocking (best treatment for anxiety, trauma, stress), Art for non-verbal expression and music to sooth and boost the spirit.

These are all optional depending on what the client would like to do. 


"We are all unique individuals that can create a life that supports who we are and what we need in order to be successful and feel fulfilled - we just need the tools to learn how to manage our own lives

to the fullest." 


Whether you are seeking Individual therapy, couples therapy or family therapy - this is a place you can relax and enjoy discovering your true self and growing in a safe environment.  Therapy should be a positive experience.


Therapy can consist of different research-based approaches depending on the individual(s) and the need: Psychotherapy, CBT, EMDR, Exposure Therapy, DBT skill training, Tapping, Psycho-education, Parent coaching, TFT, journaling, family therapy using family systems, motivational interviewing, and more.   Creative expression can be added using paint, clay, multimedia art, journaling, creative writing, role play, chalk, graffiti painting, paint throwing and more.

The greatest journey in life we have is the JOURNEY WITHIN to our own personal universe to learn to become the Masters of our own selves and create the best expression of our lives possible.

"I invite you to come and explore the greatest part of your life experience - your SELF."


Lori's office in the Cabin

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Waiting room in the Cabin

Walk over the bridge to therapy woods

Outdoor talkspace

Unfinished outdoor art enclosureIMG-2820

Unfinished Outdoor Art room - in process - coming soon 

60 second pause here

   Visual Works
Retreat - day and
  • This is a unique one of a kind program that has been developed over years of study - Lori's program can not be found elsewhere in the entire State of Michigan. 

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